Big Marvel Avengers Green Hulk Pillow Buddy


Big Marvel Avengers Green Hulk Pillow Buddy


Fans of that  green skinned super powerful man-beast known as the Hulk from Marvel Comics “The Avengers” will delight in this plush pillow buddy from the Pillowtime Pals collection.

Your little Avengers fan can companion-up with “The Hulk”, one of the most powerful beings in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The Hulk is known to have a nearly unlimited degree of strength, speed, durability and regenerative capabilities so this makes him the perfect companion to chase away any thoughts of evil-doers lurking at bedtime. He’s also the perfect opponent in a match for any little wrestler!

Although the Hulk is around 9 feet in the Avengers film, this almost 24-inch menacing, yet unassuming huggable green hero, is a great take along companion — easy to hang onto for small hands.

The Hulk pillow buddy comes in bright green super soft fur-like fabric with milk chocolate colored pants complemented by his unusual, mean green eyes.

He is tightly stitched in patterns to accentuate his muscles, 6-pack abs and sheer power. His face reflects the enraged expression from where he draws is strength.

The Marvel Avengers green Hulk pillow buddy is constructed of a 100 percent polyester fabric shell with polyester fill for some serious play by your little crime fighter and for a durable long life.

Facts about this Green Hulk Avengers Pillow Buddy

  • The Hulk is officially licensed Marvel Comics Avengers merchandise
  • He measures about 23-inches in length from the top of the crew-cut hair on his head to the tip of his big green feet — a standard bed pillow is 26-inches long
  • Hulk’s legs measure about 12-inches long
  • His legs are long enough that he can sit if using him as an accent pillow with an Avengers bedding set
  • His arms are about 10-inches long from just under his arm pit
  • Hulk’s head is almost 4-inches in diameter and his well-muscled chest close to 5-inches wide
  • This green Hulk pillow buddy is made from a 100 percent polyester synthetic fiber designed to look like fur
  • The stuffing inside is 100 percent polyester as well
  • Seams are tightly stitched to accentuate detail and so they will stand up to some serious play
  • He is SPOT CLEAN ONLY and is not machine washable — while parent owners have indicated machine washing success it is not recommended by the manufacturer
  • This is made by Jay Franco and Sons who have made quality themed bedding for over 60 years
  • Prices for Marvel Avengers Hulk green pillow buddy are set by the supplier and not this website
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