Lots of Girl Power on Wonder Woman Supergirl Twin Comforter


Wonder Woman Supergirl Twin Comforter


Superheroes are strong women too and this TWIN DC Comics Justice League Wonder Woman comforter is full of “girl power”.

Measuring 64-inches wide by 86-inches long, this colorful comforter will fit a standard TWIN mattress measuring 39-inches wide by 54-inches long. The drape on this cotton-rich comforter will be 12.5-inches on each side of the bed.

Girl Superhero Bedding Design

  1. This comforter design features Wonder Woman with DC Comic’s “The New 52” look. Gone is the gold emblem and replaced with silver. Her former unbreakable bracelets used to deflect bullets are now featured as silver to match the Wonder Woman logo — they now possess newfound abilities, to call forth her swords at a moments notice as well as projecting a surge of blue energy to destroy her nearest threats.
  2. Also featured is powerful Supergirl — the “Girl of Steel” who possesses all of Superman’s power — from superhuman strength, speed, and invulnerability all the way down to his flight and enhanced senses.
  3. Shades of hot pink, rose, red, yellow, orange, black, blue, turquoise, white and peach provide a cheery, energizing color palette for the superheroine bedroom.

Justice League Superheroine Bedding Fabric and Care

  1. This TWIN comforter is made from a cotton-rich blend of 60 percent cotton and 40 percent polyester. The fiber fill is 100 percent polyester.
  2. This Woman Woman, Supergirl comforter should be washed in cold or warm water on a GENTLE CYCLE using a mild detergent.
  3. Washing on a gentle cycle will help to preserve comforter stitching and will keep the fiber fill from bunching around stitching and in corners.
  4. Tumble dry on low to medium heat and avoid bleach. Touch-up any wrinkles with an iron on a low heat setting.
  5. Because of the bright colors on this super heroine bedding, it may feel a little stiff to the touch until washed a time or two…more of an issue for Moms then the young heroine in the household.
  6. This comforter will look great with any striped, solid or polka-dot sheets sets that complement the colors in the comforter. Unfortunately, the sheet set featured in the image are currently unavailable.

Important Ordering Information

  1. This is officially licensed DC Comics Justice League merchandise that has been made outside the USA and is imported.
  2. It will fit a TWIN bed and measures 64-inches wide by 86-inches long.
  3. As a medium weight, cotton-rich, Wonder Woman and Supergirl comforter it will transition well between seasons.
  4. Sheets shown in the image are for illustration purchases only and currently unavailable.
  5. Pricing will be determined by the supplier and not this Superhero Bedroom review website.


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