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Add to the look of any Transformers bedroom with these Transformers fabric curtains made from 100 percent polyester microfiber – the same fabric as in many of the movie themed bedding sets.

Microfiber is very soft to the touch and is wrinkle, static and stain resistant. You won’t need to worry about these curtains shrinking and they will come out of the dryer virtually wrinkle-free.

These Transformers curtains include two (2) 82-inches wide panels that are 63-inches long.

The top of these curtains feature a rod pocket for that gathered looked.

They also include two (2) tie backs. These are light filtering curtains and are not room darkening window coverings.

Two of the most popular Transformers Autobot characters, Optimus Prime and Bumblebee are showcased on these window panels together with images of the planet Earth.

Bumblebee TransformersOptimus Prime is the leader and most powerful of the Autobots with a mission of bringing peace to the universe. Bumblebee is the courageous trusted lieutenant of Optimus Prime and the first of the Autobots to form a human alliance in the Transformers films.

The Transformers fabric background is a deep space navy with a gradation to lighter shades of blue. The name “Transformers” is lettered in a 2-dimensional metallic look on the panels adding to the overall theme of warring Cybertonian races who have come to overtake the planet Earth.

Also featured on the background are Transformers insignias which are used to differentiate between the members of respective armies and sometimes sub-factions or Autobot individuals.

Pair these Transformers curtains with any coordinating comforter, blanket or sheet set featuring any of the characters from this Hasbro and Universal film franchise.

Facts about these Transformers Fabric Curtains

  1. This is one package containing two (2) 82-inches wide by 63-inches long Transformers curtain panels with two (2) tie-backs
  2. To see if these Transformer panels are the right size, start with your empty curtain rod hanging on your window, then measure from the top of the curtain rod down to the top edge of the window sill — if that measurement is 63-inches or less then these will fit
  3. These are light filtering curtains that have a rod pocket for gathering at the top
  4. Fabric is 100 percent polyester microfiber which is stain, wrinkle and static resistant
  5. For room darkening these curtains are best placed over a darker fabric or window shades
  6. This is officially licensed Hasbro Transformers merchandise that is made outside the US and is imported
  7. This Transformers fabric can be machine washed and tumble dried on low heat
  8. Only use a non-chlorine, color safe bleach, if needed
  9. Prices for this Transformer merchandise has been set by the supplier and not this website
  10. Prices will change based on product availability and popularity

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