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This FULL size Batman bedding brings Gotham City into the Batman bedroom of any little DC Comics fan. Fans of this superhero will delight in this colorful FULL sized, officially licensed DC Comics comforter, that measures 72-inches wide by 86-inches long.

Bruce Wayne, a.k.a. Batman is regarded as one of the keenest analytical minds on the planet and uses his cunning and planning to outwit his foes in place of the stereotypical superpowers enjoyed by other comic book heroes.

Batman’s IQ is suggested to be close to 200 making him a brilliant strategist, a scientist, a detective, tactician and a commander — truly worthy of superhero status.

He is prominently displayed on this “From the Rooftop” series comforter in his iconic bullet-proof bat costume composed largely of Kevlar to resist most attacks — stopping the impacts of falls, kicks, punches and other traumas while crime fighting.

Full Batman ComforterHe is wearing his yellow utility belt where he keeps his personal field equipment like a cutting tool, fingerprint kit, plastic explosives and a grappling hook gun.

This comforter is aptly named “From the Rootop” because this Dark Knight hero is flying over the top of Gotham City, the fictional American city, modeled after the 1940s mob history of old Chicago.

The colors in this FULL comforter are in ranges of steel blue, midnight black, gunmetal gray, lightening yellow and bright white.

The comforter reverses to a field of teal and yellow overlayed with a screen print of black dots and has the trademark Batman logo blazing in black and yellow from the comforter’s center.

Facts about this Batman Bedding Full Comforter

  1. This is a single comforter only and is officially licensed DC Comics merchandise
  2. The comforter measures 72-inches wide by 86-inches long and will fit a FULL sized mattress or a TWIN sized mattress
  3. A FULL mattress measures 54-inches wide by 75-inches long so the drape would be 9-inches each side
  4. A TWIN mattress measures 39-inches wide by 75-inches long so the drape would be 16-1/2 inches each side
  5. Fabric in this Batman comforter is 100 percent polyester microfiber
  6. Microfiber is soft to the touch, is wrinkle, stain and static resistant
  7. The comforter can be machine washed in cold water on a gentle cycle
  8. Cold water washing will help keep colors vibrant longer and the gentle cycle will help preserve comforter stitching
  9. Coordinating sheet sets and curtains are available for purchase separately
  10. This Batman superhero bedding has been made outside the US and is imported
  11. Prices for this comforter has been determined by the supplier and not this website
  12. Prices WILL change based on merchandise availability and popularity

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