Superhero Bedding Cool TWIN Transformers Comforter | Superhero Sheets


Hasbro’s Transformers transcend techy transportation on this colorful TWIN Transformers comforter. From Hasbro’s “Battle Continues” collection, this Autobot Alliance features the fan favorites from the blockbuster four (4) film franchise.

The “Transformers” film series chronicles an ancient struggle between two Cybertronia races — the heroic Autobots and the evil Decepticons when they come to Earth. Featured prominently on the comforter are the Autobot’s leader Optimus Prime with Bumblebee and Ratchet.

This TWIN Transformers bedding includes one (1) comforter that measures 64-inches WIDE by 86-inches LONG and will fit a standard TWIN sized mattress. A standard twin measures 39-inches wide by 75-inches long so the drape on this comforter would be 12.5-inches on each side.

The fabric shell is 100 percent polyester microfiber and the fiber fill is 100 percent polyester.

The Transformers images on this TWIN comforter range from bumblebee yellow, to candy apple red, clear sky blue, steel blue, battlefield gray — on a background of cloud white, clay soil red and azure blue.

Bumblebee TransformersThe wide range of colors in this comforter provide the perfect palette for adding striped, solid or coordinating sheets in any of the featured colors.

Adding accents like a bed skirt, or pillow shams, curtains, night light or lamp shade will round out a super cool Transformers-themed bedroom.

Hasbro TWIN Transformers Comforter Facts

  1. This is a singe TWIN Hasbro Transformers comforter only and no other pieces are included. The sheets and pillowcases shown in the image are for illustration purposes only
  2. The Transformers Battle Continues Series comforter measures about 64 inches by 86 inches
  3. The drape on this TWIN Autobot Alliance comforter is 12-1/2 inches on each side of a standard sized twin mattress
  4. Fabric for this Transformers comforter is made from 100% polyester microfiber
  5. Microfiber fabric is very soft to the touch unlike some fabric blends that need multiple washings to soften up
  6. Microfiber is also wrinkle resistant, stain resistant and resists the pilling found in some polyester materials
  7. It is recommended that this comforter be machine washed in cold water to preserve vibrant colors
  8. Washing the comforter on a gentle cycle will help to preserve the stitching and will keep fiber fill from bunching in the corners
  9. A color safe, non-chlorine bleach can be used, if needed
  10. This comforter can be tumble dried on a low setting or air dried
  11. This is officially licensed Hasbro Transformers merchandise that is made outside the US and is imported
  12. The comforter is a lighter weight and transitions well between seasons
  13. This Hasbro Transformers comforter has not been treated for flame resistance.
  14. The prices for this comforter are set by the supplier and not by this website. Prices will vary based on availability.