Queen Iron Man Duvet Cover Marvel Superhero Bedding


Queen Iron Man Duvet Cover Marvel Superhero Bedding


This QUEEN artist designed Iron Man duvet comforter cover is unique in Marvel Superhero bedding.

The artist’s rendering of Tony Stark’s powered exoskeleton, is brilliantly displayed in shades of red, orange, gold and cream with accents of gray, green and blue making this a standout in Iron Man bedding.

Fans know that Tony Stark, also known as the Marvel Superhero Iron Man, is the billionaire, philanthropist, genius and CEO of Stark Industries.

Charismatic in character, he has a high level of intellect that allowed him to excel in robotics. His Iron Man crafted body armor gives this human the ability to achieve superhero powers when wearing the suit (exoskeleton).

Iron Man gains in considerable strength allowing him to lift heavy objects and debris and well as having the power to destroy things.

He can fly at extreme speeds with the highest recorded being in excess of Mach 5.

His proprietary “repulsors” on his hand gauntlets and boots allows him to achieve flight at great heights and his armor also harbors a cache of highly technical weapons and firepower he can use at his own choosing.

The design on this QUEEN duvet cover captures these characteristics in 88-inches by 88-inches of pure power.

A duvet comforter cover can wrap an existing, perhaps “tired” comforter in a new, fresh design. A duvet cover will also fit a duvet insert of the same size.

The insert is basically a fiberfill or down and feather filled all white comforter that is inserted into a zippered duvet cover.

This featured comforter cover fits a standard QUEEN size mattress measuring 60-inches wide by 80-inches long. The drape on this cover would be 14-inches on each side.

Fabric is 100 percent polyester microfiber. Microfiber is a super soft polyester fabric weave that resists wrinkles, static, stains and fabric runs. It is also a non-slip fabric and will hold a comforter or insert well without sliding.

This QUEEN size Iron Man Superhero bedding piece is expertly HAND SEWN and designed with a durable hidden zipper making it easy to wrap and conceal an existing comforter or duvet insert as well as remove it for cleaning.

Marvel Iron Man Duvet Cover Bedding Facts

  1. This is a PREMIUM single QUEEN size duvet cover with a signed artist design of Superhero Marvel Comics Iron Man.
  2. It is made in the USA and measures 88-inches by 88-inches fitting a standard queen size mattress measuring 60-inches wide by 80-inches long.
  3. Crisp detail in shades of red, gold, orange, cream, black, green and blue blend to artistically capture the power of Iron Man on one side of the cover. The reverse side is a solid soft white.
  4. Expertly hand sewn, this queen size bedding is made from 100 percent polyester microfiber. Microfiber is stain, static and wrinkle resistant and because this is a special fabric weave, it is also breathable. The fabric is also non-slip holding an insert in place.
  5. The concealed zipper makes wrapping an existing comforter or duvet easy as well as removing it for cleaning.
  6. This queen duvet  Iron Man cover can be machine washed in cold water and can be tumble dried on a low to medium heat setting. Bleaching should be avoided.
  7. Avoid high heat dryer settings with microfiber as this may damage the fabric.
  8. This also comes in FULL and KING sizes. The FULL size measures 79-inches square and the KING size measures 104-inches by 88-inches.
  9. Pricing has been determined by the supplier and not this review website. Pricing will vary depending on the size you choose.
  10. Because this is ARTIST DESIGNED premium bedding, it is made to order and SHIPS IN 3 TO 5 BUSINESS days.
  11. For those devoted Marvel Comics Iron Man fans who are looking for something unique, this provides an attractive attention grabbing option in character themed bedding for FULL, QUEEN and KING size mattresses.


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