Christopher Reeve Queen Superman Comforter Cover


This premium Christopher Reeve QUEEN size Superman bedding is a richly designed, colorful representation, in a duvet cover, of DC Comics first ever superhero and founding member of The Justice League.

Measuring 88-inches by 88-inches, this vintage Superman comforter cover features Christopher Reeve in the dual role he played as Clark Kent and Superman in Superman: The Movie, Superman II, Superman III and Superman IV: The Quest for Peace.

Looking every bit the brave, kind-hearted hero, this artist’s image evokes this superhero’s strict moral code, his strong sense of justice, morality and righteousness that every fan rallied around in the movies.

Christoper Reeve’s character is beautifully detailed and is a standout on a stark blue and black background with the infamous Superman logo taking center stage.

Colors of red, white, blue and yellow with peach fleshtones provide a great range of colors for adding superhero themed bedroom accessories.

Christopher Reeve Superman Bedding

Superman Bedding Fabric

  1. This Chris Reeve Superman comforter cover is made from 100 percent polyester microfiber fabric.
  2. Microfiber is very soft to the touch like a well worn favorite T-Shirt only super durable for long wear.
  3. This is a polyester fabric weave that allows it to breathe and enjoys static, stain and wrinkle resistance.
  4. The cover is hand sewn and expertly crafted with a durable nylon zipper making removal easy for cleaning.
  5. Pair this with QUEEN duvet insert or your existing queen comforter that can use an exciting new look.
  6. It will fit a standard queen mattress that measures 60-inches wide by 80-inches long and has a 14-inch drape on each side of the mattress.

Caring for the Superman Duvet Cover

  1. This PREMIUM artist designed comforter cover can be machine washed in cold water with a mild detergent.
  2. Tumble dry on a low to medium heat setting only.
  3. Avoid hot dryer settings as this can damage the polyester microfibers.
  4. Do not use bleach.
  5. If you choose to iron, only the lowest heat setting should be used so you don’t scorch the fabric.

The Rest

  1. This is 88-inch square, artist designed, Superman DC Comics bedding showcasing the 1970’s Christopher Reeve character.
  2. Made to order, the meticulously hand crafted design is ready to ship to you in just 3 to 5 business days.
  3. This vintage Superman bedding is also available in a FULL size measuring 79-inches square or a KING size measuring 104-inches by 88-inches. Any size can be ordered through the link below.
  4. You can also order this same artisan design separately as a Superman area rug OR a Superman throw pillow.
  5. Pricing will be determined by the size DC Comics Superman merchandise you choose and not by this review website.


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