Microfiber Sheets and Comforters Bad or Good?


You often hear a lot of complaints when someone mentions “microfiber” — after all, for some cotton is king but microfiber is not the evil fabric some would make it out to be.

Yes, microfiber is a man-made material but no more so than those fiber-filled pillows a lot of us sleep on because feathers and other allergens make us sneeze.

Microfiber is no longer the old “Dacron Polyester” used back in the 1950’s — all stiff, non-breathing, and leisure suit-looking. While there are some who still wear them, who wants to sleep in one or on one?

Dacron Polyester Days are Dead!


The polyester microfiber of today has far different properties and characteristics of that from the past. Today’s polyester is a combination of fibers designed to work as a system. This provides a fabric that is soft to the touch, resists runs, stretching, stains and wrinkles all the while remaining durable, comfortable and beautiful-looking.

Think for second about a piece of sewing thread — a single thread of polyester microfiber in comparison is a thickness that is 100 times FINER than a human hair.

It’s this entire network of fine fibers that provides a soft, durable fabric.

Compare this to a cotton fabric or a cotton polyester blend — many wrinkle in the dryer, shrink with repeated washing, promote static cling and will often “pill” as the surface of the fabric wears.

Microfiber fabric eliminates many of the common problems found in other fabrics at quite a savings over these other materials.

Many unfairly mistake thin, in microfiber, for cheap and low quality — especially when compared to cotton or a polyester cotton blend. Remember, though, that the microfiber thread is thinner than a human hair and has many more fibers per square inch than cotton.

Today’s synthetic, ultra-fine fibers are tightly woven together resulting in high quality fabric construction with a super soft feel.

Sheets made from microfiber material are breathable and both light enough to be cool for the summer months but not cold when sliding under a blanket as the temperatures start to drop.

They actually feel like a well worn, cozy t-shirt and the comforters transition well between seasons.

Benefits of Microfiber in Sheets and Comforters

Microfiber fabric comforter shells, comforter fill, sheets and pillowcases come with plenty of benefits making them worth consideration when purchasing superhero sheet sets, comforters or bedding made from this material. Here are just a few worth review:

  1. Microfiber is shrink resistant and a high-strength material making the product last longer
  2. Fabric from woven microfibers are super soft — almost luxurious to the touch due to the tight weaving of thousands of ultra-fine fibers — unlike other fabric that need to be washed several times to feel soft
  3. They resist wrinkles, mildew, stretching, shrinkage, abrasions and most stains
  4. Microfibers resist static cling when compared to other fabrics
  5. It offers insulating characteristics while still being breathable
  6. Perspiration and body oils pass through this fabric away from your body and provides a dry surface when touching your skin
  7. It is less costly than cotton or cotton blends
  8. Plus, it looks great right out of the dryer!

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