Marvel Comics Spiderman versus Venom Area Rug


Marvel Comics Spiderman versus Venom Area Rug


This premium area rug is all about Spiderman versus Venom from the Marvel: War of Heroes mobile card battle game where superheroes clash with villains for power.

Measuring 3×5-feet, this artisan digital design adds just the right splash of color to any open floor space in the superhero themed bedroom, den, playroom or office.

This premium washable throw rug is crafted from high quality materials, in a subtle “chevron” pattern and is made from 100% woven polyester.  It has an exceptionally soft touch and is woven for high durability and long wear.

The Spiderman versus Venom Look

  1. Peter Parker, a.k.a. superhero Spiderman is featured in a web-slinging action stance with former humiliated reporter, Eddie Brock. Eddie became the host body for Venom, a symbiote from one of the Beyonder created planets used in Battleworld.
  2. Spidey is featured in his iconic red and blue lycra and spandex body suit with a red web design on his head, chest, arms and boots — the iconic Spiderman logo on his chest.
  3. Venom is showcased in his black and white, genetically created suit with fanged teeth and long lizard-like tongue.
  4. The background is a shadowy cityscape with tall buildings and blackened windows.
  5. Colors are rich in shades of red, white, blue, black and gray. Detailing is crisp and clean for Spiderman and Venom.

Spiderman Rug Care

  1. Because polyester fibers are dirt and stain resistant, grime will settle around the fibers instead of being absorbed by them like wool or cotton — so, simple vacuuming will remove most surface dust and dirt.
  2. Spills can be easily blotted or you have the option to use carpet and rug cleaners that are safe for synthetic fibers.
  3. This Marvel Comics throw rug can also be machine washed on a gentle cycle in cold water.
  4. It can be air dried or tumble dried on low heat. Hot dryer settings will damage the polyester fibers so a hot dryer should be avoided.

The Rest

This is an artist designed, premium rug that is not available in any big box retailer and is only available online.

It is signed by the artist and features superhero Spiderman and villain Venom in a battle from the Marvel Comics card game “War of Heroes”.

This washable throw rug is for any fan of this webbed warrior who has an appreciation for artisan design looking for a colorful unique room accessory option that makes a statement.

Because this is a premium rug, it is made to order in the USA and is available to ship in 3 to 5 business days.

Pricing is not determined by this website but rather based on the size rug you select.


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