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Marvel Comics Throw Pillow Colorful Superhero Collection

168 Views Marvel Comics Superhero Throw Pillow

An explosion of Marvel Comics characters provides a colorful option when considering the purchase of superhero throw pillows.

This is a PREMIUM washable 16×16-inch throw pillow COVER with an artist’s design featuring familiar favorites Iron Man, The Hulk, Captain America, Thor, the X-Men, S.H.I.E.L.D., the Fantastic Four, Guardians of the Galaxy and more.

You get just about every color imaginable in shades of red, blue, green, yellow, white, black and purple providing a broad palette for coordinating with any number of accessories in the superhero themed bedroom, den, office, or family room.

This pillow cover is also available in 18×18-inch and 20×20-inch sizes for covering one of your existing throw pillows or can be ordered with a hypoallergenic pillow insert. It also is available in a choice of indoor and outdoor spun polyester poplin fabrics.

Marvel Comics Superhero Characters

The washable poplin cover has a concealed zipper for easy removal when cleaning.

A throw pillow is a relatively inexpensive decorating option and large throw pillows provide a much cleaner look than a jumble of smaller ones.

Displaying bright, vibrant colors on a tightly woven fabric like poplin can add just the right splash of color to brighten any room.

Marvel Comics Superhero Pillow Facts

  1. This is a PREMIUM, artist designed, decorator pillow cover featuring a collection of all the Marvel Comics superhero characters and measures 16-inches square.
  2. It also is available in 18 and 20 inch square sizes and with or without the pillow insert.
  3. The artist’s design is 2-sided with the same collection of superheroes on both sides.
  4. Colors are rich and vibrant and detailing is clean and crisp. Shades of red, blue, green, yellow, black, purple and everything in-between literally pop on a bright white background.
  5. Laundry InstructionsThe cover is made from 100 percent spun polyester poplin making it very durable yet removable for cleaning — it features a convenient, concealed heavy duty nylon zipper.
  6. For cleaning, simply unzip and remove the cover from the pillow. You can pretreat any stained or soiled areas with a color-safe spot cleaner or spray. You may also use a damp sponge to remove any stains.
  7. Wash this Marvel Comics cover in cold or warm water using a mild detergent. Using bleach is not recommended.
  8. Allow it to air dry or tumble dry on a low setting.
  9. Because this is a PREMIUM artisan design, each superhero pillow is made to order and ships in 3 to 5 business days.
  10. Prices will vary based on your selection of pillow size and whether or not you choose a pillow insert.
  11. Pricing has been determined by the supplier and not this review website.


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