Toddler Super Hero Squad 4-Piece Bedding Set


“Hero Up” with this 4-Piece Super Hero Squad TODDLER bedding set featuring fan favorites from the Marvel Animation cartoon series.

The TODDLER bedding set features one (1) Super Hero Squad comforter, one (1) fitted bottom sheet, one (1) flat top sheet and one (1) reversible pillowcase.

The Squad, consisting of Marvel’s Iron Man, the Hulk, Captain America and Thor, looks ready to leap from the comforter’s face in brilliant colors and clear, crisp exaggerated detail.

Rich in candy apple reds, royal and light blues, emerald green and gold this comforter is ripe with opportunity for providing coordinating room accents.

The phrase “Hero Up” looks too hot to touch in an exclamation bordering the comforter’s edge. This  Super Hero Squad comforter measures 42-inches wide by 58-inches long and will fit a TODDLER size mattress of 27-inches wide.

The sheet set is just as colorful as the animated Super Hero Squad cartoon series. On a multi-blue background, the sheets feature the Super Hero Squad logo and favorite characters in full action poses.

The pillowcase has “Join the Squad” surrounded by larger than life images of Marvel’s animated versions of Wolverine, Captain America, the Hulk, Iron Man and Thor.

Facts about this TODDLER Super Hero Squad Set

  • This is a TODDLER four (4) piece Marvel Super Hero Squad collection that includes 1 comforter, 1 flat sheet, 1 fitted sheet and 1 pillowcase
  • Pillowcase fits a standard bed pillow measuring 20 inches by 26 inches
  • The Marvel Animation “Hero Up” comforter measures about 42 inches by 58 inches
  • The drape on this TODDLER comforter (for a toddler mattress width of 27 inches) is 7-1/2 inches on each side
  • Fabric for the sheets, pillowcase and comforter are made from 100% polyester microfiber
  • Microfiber fabric is very soft to the touch unlike some fabric blends that need several washings to “soften up”
  • Microfiber is also wrinkle resistant, stain resistant and resists the “pilling” found in some polyester materials
  • It is recommended that all bedding pieces are machine washed in cold water to preserve vibrant colors
  • Washing the superhero comforter on a gentle cycle will help preserve stitching
  • ALL pieces in this TODDLER bedding set can be tumble-dried on a low setting
  • Excessive heat from a hot dryer setting or an iron may damage the fabric
  • The fabric in this set is NOT treated for flame resistance
  • This is an officially licensed Marvel bedding 4-piece set that is made in China and imported
  • The comforter is a lighter weight and transitions well between seasons
  • The prices for this comforter are set by the supplier and not by this website. Prices will vary based on availability.