Soft Sherpa Fleece 68×80-Inch Captain America Blanket


Soft Sherpa Fleece 68×80-Inch Captain America Blanket


This unique, artist designed, Captain America blanket features superhero Steve Rogers in a mosaic style design that is made up of over 22,000 photos from Marvel Studios movies Captain America: The First Avenger, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, The Avengers: Age of Ultron and The Avengers.

Captain Steven “Steve” Grant Rogers gained remarkable strength, agility, stamina and endurance with remarkable regenerative capabilities as a successful test subject of the Super Soldier Serum developed during World War II and is Marvel’s greatest superhero.

Steve Rogers Captain America Blanket

  1. This featured, artist designed, poster style blanket measures a roomy 68-inches wide by 80-inches long providing great coverage for curling up on the couch, to snuggle in on chilly nights, to sit on or wrap in at sporting events or as a cozy supplemental blanket on TWIN or FULL size beds.
  2. Steve Rogers (actor Chris Evans) is shown, through a compilation of pictures, as the First Avenger with his iconic Captain America shield in a movie poster style battle scene.
  3. Colors are in shades of red, white, blue, gray, black, gold, brown, orange and tan providing a wide range of color for coordinating with other room accessories.
  4. This is a single-sided design meaning Captain Rogers is showcased on one side of this superhero throw blanket with the reverse side being a solid white Sherpa fleece.

Captain America Shield Blanket Fabric and Care

  1. Fabric in this blanket is made from a 100 percent polyester Sherpa fleece blend for superior softness. Sherpa fleece is thicker than polar fleece and has the nice “nubby” look — a little bit like a sheepskin, for a thicker feel and to better retain body heat.
  2. This should be washed in cold water only, using a mild detergent on a “gentle” laundry cycle. This will help keep the Sherpa fleece looking great for long wear and will greatly minimize pilling and shedding.
  3. Tumble dry on a low heat dryer setting.
  4. Avoid hot water, high heat dryer settings and bleach as this can damage fabric fibers.

How to Order

  1. This is PREMIUM artist designed mosaic compilation of Marvel Studios movies images that result in a poster-style design of Captain America. It is not available in stores and is only available for purchase online.
  2. Pricing reflected in this review, is for the 68-inch by 80-inch size with 51×60-inch and 88×104-inch sizes also available
  3. As a premium superhero bedding, it is made to order in the USA and ready to ship to buyers in just 3 to 5 business days.
  4. International shipping options are available.
  5. Pricing will be based on the size Captain America Sherpa throw blanket you choose and has not been determined by our superhero bedding review site.


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