Batman Fleece Blanket Throw with Huggable Surprise


This Batman blanket will have your little caped crusader warm and bunking with Batman at nap time or bedtime. Not only is this a great value in a fleece throw, but it comes with a huggable version of a plush Batman toy as a surprise.

This is officially licensed DC Comics, Warner Brothers Batman merchandise that measures 40-inches wide by 50-inches long and is made from super soft 100 percent polyester fleece.

From the Warner Brothers “Batman, Dark Knight” collection, the DC Comics images of this Batman illustrate he’s the world’s greatest detective — a caped crusader who proves time and again that you don’t need superpowers to be a superhero.

Batman is featured in his traditional DC Comics “batsuit” — that triple weave Kevlar gray skin centered around the auspicious chest mounted bat-winged logo. This Dark Knight is also wearing his utility belt, gloves, scalloped cape and bat-like cowl hood.

Caring for this Batman Fleece Blanket

Polyester fleece is machine washable in cold water on a gentle cycle. Washing this Warner Brothers Dark Knight blanket in warm or hot water will cause it (or any fleece fabric) to prematurely “pill” — getting those annoying little balls fabric fibers.

Because fleece will easily pick up lint in your washer and dryer, you should avoid washing is with known lint culprits like bath towels, cotton rugs, dish towels, etc.

Remember that fleece should never be ironed, steamed, pressed or dry cleaned. These things may cause melting. Also, avoid using bleach or fabric softener unless specified otherwise on the manufacturer’s care label.

This DC Comics Batman blanket throw should not be ironed, steamed or dry cleaned or tumble dried on a hot dryer setting because this fabric may melt under high heat.

Just the Facts

  1. This is a great value because you get an officially licensed, DC Comics Warner Brothers Batman blanket and a compatible plush Batman toy — what a great gift idea for young fans!
  2. The blank measures 40-inches wide by 50-inches long and can be used as a blanket on a CRIB mattress that measures about 27-inches wide by 53-inches long — or it’s a great take along blanket for traveling, curling up on the couch or sitting on the back patio when nights are cooler
  3. It’s machine washable as noted in the care instructions above
  4. Both the Batman blanket and the Batman plush toy have been made outside the US and have been imported
  5. This DC Comics throw has not been treated for flame resistance
  6. Prices for this Batman merchandise have been determined by the supplier and not this website
  7. Pricing will vary based on merchandise popularity and availability so grab it while it’s still a great value

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