Superhero Batman “Safe Again” Light Filtering Bedroom Curtains

Complete the look of a Batman bedroom with this pair of Batman curtains featuring the Caped Crusader ready to thwart the evil that would disrupt the good people of Gotham City.

This is officially licensed Warner Brothers Batman merchandise and includes two (2) drapery panels made from 100 percent polyester microfiber fabric. Microfiber is a special polyester fabric weave that leaves it stain, static, wrinkle and run resistant.

Microfiber is a thin fabric and often misunderstood as being “flimsy” or of lower quality because it is thin. Actually, each microfiber fabric strand is thinner than a human hair producing an incredibly high thread count per square inch of fabric for superior strength, long wear and a super soft feel. In fact, microfiber is known to outperform its cotton and cotton-polyester blend counterparts.

Batman Curtains Design and Care

  1. This Batman superhero decor measures 82-inches wide, in total, and 63-inches in length. The two (2) panels have a standard 2-inch rod pocket and come with two (2) tiebacks.
  2. Batman is showcased in an action sequence, ready to do battle with petty criminals, supervillains and criminal masterminds. The Batmobile with trailing flames are featured along with the infamous Batman logo and the shadowy streets and back alleys of Gotham City.
  3. Colors are in shades of black, yellow, blue, gray and red providing a broad range of color to complement other accessories in the Batman bedroom. The bottom of the curtains feature the checkered design one might find in auto racing.
  4. These microfiber curtains are machine washable in cold or warm water using a mild detergent. They can be tumble dried on low to medium heat and are virtually wrinkle-free right from the dryer.
  5. Avoid hot water, high heat dryer settings and bleach as these can damage fabric fibers.



Important Ordering Information

  1. This is one pair (consisting of two individual panels) of Batman themed curtains from the Warner Brothers “Safe Again” Batman bedding collection.
  2. Curtains have been made outside the US and are imported. They have not been treated for flame resistance.
  3. These are NOT a room-darkening Batman window covering but can be easily made so with an inexpensive panel that hooks on the back of these curtains. This is bundled through the link below should you wish a room-darkening option.
  4. Curtains measure, in total, 82-inches wide by 63-inches in length and will hang from a curtain rod provided by you. Tiebacks are included with this purchase.
  5. Pricing has been determined by the supplier and not by our superhero decor review site.