Review Imaginext Batman Batbot Transforming Action Toy

The Imaginext Batbot by Fisher Price is the ultimate DC Comics Batman transforming action toy.

It gives you two means of destruction when battling the organized crime bosses or the crazy costumed criminals who are out to control Gotham City.

The Batbot transforms from a dark menacing Batman Tank to a Batman controlled robot ready to strike fear into those challenging the Caped Crusader.

In this review, we will take a look at the features that make this Imaginext Batbot a “must-have” for Batman fans of all ages and a nice addition to the superhero bedroom.

We will also review the facts regarding ownership so you have all the information you need to make an informed buying decision.

Features of the Batman Imaginext Batbot Toy

This is no small toy and when fully transformed from Bat Tank to Batbot it will stand 16-inches in height with almost 14-inches in width. It comes loaded with fun features that have been technologically updated for fighting today’s super criminals.

This adds a new spin to recreating any favorite Batman comic scenarios or starting some new adventures.

Here are the features we think are worth mentioning:

Imaginext DC Super Friends Batbot Features

  1. This is a very cool remote controlled light up and transforming Batman tank that transforms into a Batbot with over 100 phrases, commands and sounds — that adds another dimension to play.
  2. It comes with an INCLUDED Batman figure that can ride in the command cockpit of the transformed Batbot as shown above.
  3. The remote controlled transformation feature that takes this from tank to “Batbot” makes it fast and effortless. The light and sounds that accompany the transformation will make this the most popular feature for kids.
  4. The wheels have a rubberized coating that gives them plenty of traction for moving on smooth flat surfaces.
  5. The three (3) button remote control lets the operator move forward or backwards and transforms the Bat Tank into an ominous looking Batbot.Imaginext Batbot Remote Control Features
  6. The remote control can easily be stored on the back of the Batbot at the end of play.
  7. The Batbot can also be transformed back into a Batman Tank by placing the INCLUDED Batman figure in the turn disk at the top of the Batbot
  8. The two (2) buttons behind the turn disk are for lifting and lowering the blaster in the Batbot’s right arm and for actvating lights and sounds.
  9. The blue lever between the two buttons fires disks stored below the turn disk where the Batman figure stands.
  10. Slide the two switches on the Batbot’s front arms to activate claw chomping action.
  11. Both arms have a full 90 degree range of motion.
  12. Sounds and phrases are interaction activated through play in this Batman toy. For example, when the Bat Tank transforms into the Batbot it says “Transformation Complete” in a robotic voice.Imaginext Batbot Tank Features

Fisher Price Imaginext Batman Batbot Facts

The features are what usually attract a buyer but there are facts associated with ownership that are nice to know up front. Here is what we think are helpful facts:

  1. The Imaginext DC Super Friends Batbot is officially licensed DC Comics and Batman merchandise that has been made outside the US and is imported.
  2. In full Batbot transformation, this unit measures 16-inches HIGH by 13.8-inches WIDE by 8.6-inches DEEP and with batteries, weighs just over 5-pounds.
  3. This Batbot comes with six (6) AA-Alkaline batteries that ARE INCLUDED and needed for operation of the Batbot’s, lights, sounds and mechanical transformation.
  4. There are two (2) modes of play for this interactive toy — the “MISSION MODE” and the “SYSTEMS CHECK MODE”. The over 100 sounds, phrases and commands are divided between player interactions in both modes of play.
  5. Two (2) AAA-Alkaline batteries are needed for the remote control which are NOT included.
  6. The Imaginext Batbot works best on hard flat indoor surfaces like table tops, tile, wood or vinyl flooring or flat outdoor surfaces concrete or asphalt. This toy is not recommended for use on carpet and will not move as fluidly on carpet as on a flat surface.
  7. There is no assembly required other than installation of the batteries in the remote and the transforming Batman tank. This is accomplished by unscrewing of the cover of the battery compartments with a Phillips head screwdriver you provide.
  8. There are no replaceable parts on the Batbot other than the batteries.
  9. Because this is an electronic remote controlled toy, cleanup should only be done with a slightly damp cloth. This interactive robot should not be exposed to water or high humidity.
  10. NOTE – if you order the “FRUSTRATION-FREE” packaging, which is the less expensive option, this toy will arrive without the conventional box and packaging you may be accustomed to seeing sitting on a store shelf. The toy may arrive unwrapped and in no way means the toy is defective or used.


Kid Approved Batman ToyThis is a great interactive toy for toddlers as well as pre-schoolers…even some older Batman fans. It is recommended by the manufacturer for Ages 3 and older.

The controls are not over complicated making it easy for younger fans to understand and operate.

The lights and sounds add an element of authenticity to role-playing and story telling that will virtually guarantee hours of entertainment.

With over 100 sounds, commands and phrases in combination with a coordinated lighting display and remote controlled motion, this is a great value in an RC toy for around $50.00.