Review Fisher-Price Batman Imaginext Batcave X7677

This Fisher-Price Imaginext Batcave represents DC Super Friend’s Batman stronghold and command center for his war against crime — the ultimate in a Batman cave toy.

In this review we will detail the features of this Batcave as well as provide you with the facts so you have all the information you need to make an informed buying decision.

In addition to being a command center, the Batcave is also a place of privacy and tranquility for Batman where he can be himself, store his equipment and where he can monitor all the crisis points in Gotham City and the world — the perfect retreat for your little Caped Crusader to create adventures of his or her own.

The centerpiece of the Batcave is Batman’s supercomputer where he can conduct surveillance, connect to a massive information network and store huge amounts of valuable data. This is just one of many features Imaginext has captured in its design to make this edition fun and engaging for plenty of interactive play.

Here are the features of the Fisher-Price Model X7677 Batcave we feel are worth noting, making it a great addition to the superhero bedroom.

Super Friends Imaginext Batcave Features

The Batman’s Batcave is famous for its state-of-the-art facilities like a crime lab, mechanized workshops, vehicle parking and docking and weapons storage. These features, along with the “supercomputer” are colorfully represented in this Imaginext toy.

Learning the features is not over complicated making it easy for younger Batman and Robin fans to jump right in — out of the box.



  1. There are no batteries needed for the Batcave and many of the functions begin with three (3) bright red “Activation” disks. One or the other of two (2) INCLUDED Batman and Robin figures are placed in an “Activation” disk to initiate an activity. For example, the Disk just below the computer at the head and center of the Batcave opens the supercomputer while extending two (2) hidden walkways or bridges to other levels of the cave. The character’s feet are set on the disk and then the character is turned, rotating the disk. The disk rotation is the action that activates a given feature.Batcave Features
  2. Turning the Activation Disk by the Batwing flight suit will cause it to flip up.
  3. Another “Activation” disk located at the base of the cave opens the working garage door so Batman or Robin can move the Batcycle or other Imaginext vehicles in an out of the cave.
  4. Batman vehicles also have ramp access from a docking platform to exit the garage area.
  5. The INCLUDED Batwing flight suit snaps onto the back of the included Batman or Robin figures and Batman armor has been added as extra protection for Batman when chasing criminals.
  6. The Batcave comes equipped with three (3) projectiles and a launcher that can be fired from an upper weapons area accessed by the secret walkway.
  7. Travelling between levels of the Batcave, is accomplished by a “fire pole” themed elevator they clip to so they can move up and down.
  8. When bringing criminals back to the Batcave for questioning and processing, there is a jail cell just waiting for them with a push-button open and close feature.
  9. You have the option to bring the Batcave to life with a FREE Imaginext Super Friends Batcave APP for your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.  It requires iOS 4.3 or later for compatibility. This APP is also optimized for iPhone 5.
  10. The APP, when downloaded, works by reading the square stickers on the Batcave playset that will unlock different games. One of the games has your little caped crusader trying to keep clowns out of the Batcave while another game is finding “The Joker’s” surprise pie. An online version of the APP offers a concentration type card game kids can play but most of the fun will come from the Batcave itself.

Facts for Parents about the Batcave

This is officially licensed DC Comics Batman merchandise that has been made outside the US and is imported.

  1. The overall dimensions for the Imaginext Batcave are 21.5-inches WIDE x 15.8-inches TALL x 4.9-inches DEEP and weighs just over 5 pounds.
  2. This Imaginext playset is recommended by the manufacturer for Ages 3 through 8 and contains small parts.
  3. All parts and pieces in this set are a sturdy hard plastic that will stand up to some serious play.
  4. What’s in the box are the:

    DC Super Friends Batcave
    Batman Snap-on Flight Suit
    Batman Figure
    Robin Figure
    Batcycle for Figures
    3 Projectiles for weapons
    Batman Armor
    Imaginext Instructions

  5. Pieces can be cleaned with a damp cloth and loose pieces like the Batman and Robin figures as well as the Batcycle should not be cleaned in the dishwasher.
  6. Pricing for this interactive playset have been determined by the supplier and not our review website.

NOTE:  There are two different types of packaging offered with purchase for this Batcave — standard packaging and “Frustration-Free” packaging. BOTH packaging options are the SAME PRICE.

However, one packaging option has the parts located on the outside of the packaging while the other has the parts located in a small plastic bag inside the packaging of the toy.

Some parents have commented on missing parts without realizing some of these parts are packaged on the outside of the carton, rather than the inside. Be sure to check all packaging for parts, outside and inside, if you plan to buy.